All about Aquarius and its Main Traits

Find out about Aquarius main traits

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Aquarius: 22 January – 18  February

Have you given thought to your future and how you’d like life to play out for you?

Would you like to have your life more under control?

You can find si¡ome answers within yourself and in the process of getting to know yourself. Providing you with some guidance by way of astrological insight implies guiding you towards well-being as well as anticipating possible scenarios so that your happiness may be enhanced. For this and a lot more, don’t miss out on plenty of details about Aquarius.

In this article, you’ll find out the most outstanding traits of the Aquarian personality, the way they behave in their love lives, how they perform at work and about their most notorious downsides and weaknesses.

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What’s Aquarius like?

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac within the twelve that make up western astrology. This sign symbolizes universal values about love, friendship, brotherhood, consideration for others and affection. Aquarius instantiates the values of solidarity, the positive side of the human being, altruism and the struggles for justice for the underdog.  

Aquarius: Air Sign

Just as it happens with Gemini and Libra, Aquarius too is a sign that is under the influence of air and so it’s endowed with a profound intellect and is very gifted artistically. On the other hand, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which makes those born under this sign very independent, freedom loving and true advocates for diversity.

Aquarius’s main traits

Aquarians have strong personalities, a trait which may anyway turn out to be attractive for those who surround them. In this fortitude resides the strong conviction in their values, beliefs, and thoughts. They stand for truth even if they don’t hold it, which makes them fair, honest, and humble individuals.

Aquarians inspire others to stand for the fairest of the causes and that’s only possible thanks to the sensitivity that resides in their hearts vis-à-vis the unfair world that surrounds them. This marked sensitivity fuels in them a willingness to bring about change in so far as they see it possible. They’re idealistic but at the same time pragmatic in their visions.

The image the sign of Aquarius has been represented with is that of the water carrier, which has as origin Ram man, God of the storm in the Assyrian culture.    

Aquarius: Love

There’s no more stimulating thing in an Aquarian’s love life than a partner with a gifted and challenging intellect. This means that an interesting conversation may mean the beginning of a long romance. Aquarians are honest and they’ll always be adventurous enough to take up risks in relation to their feelings.

Aquarius: Work

Aquarians are inclined to pour all the altruism they feel inside into their work life. They’re always ready to lend a helping hand to their colleagues, which will generate a positive impact among those who surround them. Teaching is an ideal job for those under the influence of this sign. Aquarians are balanced when it comes to engaging in investment and spending money.  

Aquarius’s weaknesses

At times an Aquarian’s convictions may be taken to extremes. Their abiding will not to conform to mainstream ideas and stand out from the rest can be exhausting for those under the same roof. This trait makes them offbeat, not really patient and quite very irritating.     


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