Aries surrounded by planets

All about Aries and its Main Traits

Read on if you'd like to learn more about Aries

ARIES: 21 March - 19 April

Over the years, astrology has become a recurrent activity in our daily lives since its knowledge, traditions, and beliefs allow us to achieve a broad understanding of the details of the personality of other people we're close to and even our own.

In this sense, we think it's crucial to discover ourselves. Therefore, it'll be necessary to dig deeper into the world of astrology and the zodiac signs in a more accurate way. Here,  we're going to give you all the details about Aries in terms of its most outstanding features. 

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What's Aries like?

In astrological knowledge, Aries is known as the first zodiac sign. Its symbolism is related to spring and, therefore, to the natural process of rebirth, regeneration, and revolution.

Aries: Fire sign

Aries is one of the signs identified with the element of fire, like Leo and Sagittarius. They're known for their remarkable strength. They stand out as independent beings who make it clear that they don't need anyone to survive and be successful.

Aries' main traits

This zodiac sign is ruled by Mars, which speaks to us of infinite energy that Aries is capable of expressing and sharing with the world. They're charismatic people, intending to explore and live great adventures.

They're usually dynamic people and, therefore, a little restless, but above all: they're freedom lovers.

They're generally known by the ram (sheep). This is because it was the animal with which Frixo and Hele, personalities of Greek mythology, undertook their adventure to leave their native country, thus representing the pioneering drive of Aries.

Aries: Love

An Aries usually recognizes honest people. It's challenging for them to express ideas that they don't feel so that you can see their straightforward honesty with transparent intentions.

They're romantic, detail-oriented, and dedicated characters in an impulsive way. This means that they're passionate, but with little capacity to reflect on their emotions and feelings.

Aries: Money

As they're adventure and adrenaline lovers, they'll always enjoy more those work scenarios that are determined and guided by dynamism. An office job can be a bit overwhelming for them. However, those who enjoy it are more likely to find it easier to dictate orders than to receive them.

Aries' weaknesses

It's certainly a distinctive sign for its vitality and energy. However, its energy at different times can cost them disagreements or inconveniences. Misdirected energy can turn into impatience, frustration, or bad mood.

Also, despite having a mask of strength, they're temperamental people who tend to be easily offended, making them sensitive people who have to learn to deal with these susceptibilities.