The Moon

The Moon: How it affects your everyday life

The Moon is an important factor in everyday life, find out how to make the most of the Moon's journey

We hear a lot about the Sun signs in astrology, but do you know how much the Moon also affects you? Signs change each and every two-quarter, and the moon is the astrological "planet". The Moon represents our emotions, and as it moves through the different zodiac signs, our mood changes. We function most effectively when we cooperate with the energy of the Moon, as indicated by the sign it's in at the time.

Powerful days

Pay special attention to when the Moon is in the same sign as the Sun in your horoscope, these are your powerful days! The tides are flowing in your direction, so you'll feel more confident and energized, and people are more likely to respond to you positively.

So, if you're planning to invite someone special on a date, ask for a raise, go about a job interview or any other task that requires self-affirmation and risk-taking, these are the days to go for it. On the other hand, when the moon is in the opposite sign to yours, keep a low profile (if you're not sure which sign is the opposite, just count six signs away from yours).

Catch up on comfort, and check on others rather than waiting for things to go your way. Plan accordingly, this is not the time to push it and try to move things around. Discover how to make the most of the Moon in each astrological sign:

Aries Moon

Get physical! The first horoscope sign calls for action and movement. Go for a run or hike, dance, work out in the gym or find another way to let off steam. Anger can rise under this fiery moon, so find healthy ways of expression, physical or creative. This Moon can kindle a fire under you to start putting your ideas into action, so take risks in the direction of your desires.

Woman in a dancing class
The first horoscope sign calls for action and movement, dancing, running or working out in the gym | Getty Images

Taurus Moon

Slow down and take time to nourish your body and the planet. This sensual and earthy sign invites you to appreciate the physical world and the realm of the senses. Walk through the woods, work in the garden, get a massage or play soothing music. This tends to be a mellow, relaxed and reversal of the moon, a time to simply practice being present.

Gemini Moon

Invite your friends, catch up on emails and chat with the neighbors while the moon is visiting the airy sign of Gemini. Your mind is especially active, even hyperactive, so give it something to think of. This is the perfect time to take (or teach) a class, learn something new and explore multiple perspectives. Follow your curiosity and keep an open mind.

Cancer Moon

Curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea during the Cancer moon. As a sensitive water sign, Cancer invites you to tune into your inner world. When you give yourself permission to feel and express your emotions, you are more likely to avoid the negative side of this moon, crabbiness. Cook a nutritious meal, and perhaps invite a close friend or family member over for dinner.

Leo Moon

This fiery moon wants to play and party. Let your inner child take the lead and do something on your own that serves no purpose beyond having fun. Leo controls the heart, inspiring romance and passion, the perfect time to arrive decked out in your most glamorous outfit and hit the town. Creative energy abounds, express yourself!

Couple having fun
Leo controls the heart, inspiring romance and passion | Getty Images

Virgo Moon

Attend to the details of everyday life when the Moon enters this sign of service. Catching up on chores, organizing the closet, balancing the checkbook , these mundane tasks may seem like a bore, but you feel so much better when you stop procrastinating and get the job done. People tend to be more critical and judgy than usual, so pay attention to the little things.

Libra Moon

The moon in the astrological sign of Libra brings attention to what is out of balance, inviting you to create more harmony in your relationships, environment and inner world. Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and the arts. Enhance your look with a new hair or clothing style, and plan to socialize. Cultural events and creative activities in particular are recommended.

Scorpio Moon

Call your inner witch or wizard to come out of hiding during this magical moon, which is a prime time for casting spells and performing rituals. You're more tuned into both the invisible world and the dark side now, including vague feelings that need a way out. Share your deeper feelings with someone you trust. This is not the time for a hearty party with crowds, plan an intimate date instead.

Sagittarius Moon

When the Moon is in the archer's horoscope sign, you're ready for adventure, exploration, and expansion. These days are ideal for travel. If you can't afford to journey into the physical world, broaden your intellectual and spiritual horizons by attending a lecture or workshop. Insomnia is common, and your mental arrows shoot in several directions, plan for plenty of activity, movement and socialization.

Man at an airport looking at a plane
When the Moon is in Sagittarius, you're ready for adventure, exploration, and expansion | Getty Images

Capricorn Moon

Now is the perfect time to accomplish any ambitious projects that require hard work, perseverance, and realism. For best results, mimic a mountain goat, move slowly, carefully and slowly as you reach up. Don't let the heaviness and sad tone of this moon get you, if you stay focused on your plans and goals, you will feel energized and productive.

Aquarius Moon

You're in the mood for networking, connecting with friends and all group activities when the Moon in Aquarius calls grounded in community ideas. It increases your intuition, inviting flashes of insight that help you see your life from a higher perspective. If you're feeling stuck, this revolutionary moon wants to liberate you from old ways of thinking and inspire you to make changes that enhance your sense of freedom.

Pisces Moon

During this delicate and squishy moon, retreat, rest and meditation are recommended. Your dreams are more active than usual, so pay attention, they may have important information for you. This sign activates your imagination and fantasies, providing the perfect opportunity for creative expression, especially music, dance, painting and poetry.