Cancer sign surrounded by planets

All about Cancer and its Main Traits

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CANCER: 21 June - 22 July

Since the beginning of humanity, human beings have undertaken the task of surviving in the face of difficulties. However, these efforts have always been accompanied by a dose of religiosity and spirituality that has helped us weigh up reality and give us hope.

Astrology, understood as a scientific and artistic activity, gathers a bit of the spirituality we need to find some order; to orient and recognize ourselves. That's why  we would like to talk to you about the Cancer zodiac sign and its main features.

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What is Cancer like?

In the world of astrology, Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Its main qualities are highlighted by family, home, and the close ties they can maintain with their loved ones.

Cancer: Water sign

Cancer is one of the signs, which, together with Scorpio and Pisces, is ruled by the element of water. One could say that their main characteristic of belonging to this group is that they are deep beings of thought and feeling. These qualities can play both ways, mostly because they can feel misunderstood, causing them to withdraw from the rest of their loved ones.

Cancer's main traits

The moon governs this Zodiac sign.  Unlike the other signs, Cancer has a particularity: they're the least clear-cut in defining their personality as they can be considered conservative individuals, as well as charismatic.

Likewise, if there's anything that seems to bring Cancer together as a fundamental quality, it's their capacity as family beings whose home represents the most important sanctuary. Their home is often the most important living space, valued as the extension of the mother's womb.

They're also recognized for their maternal capacity, motherly love, feelings, and intuition from an archetypal perspective.

In terms of symbolism, they have been identified with the image of a crab.

Cancer: Love

This sign is usually good material for love relationships, once they come out of their shell and shyness, at the stage of knowing and relating enough to have found a life partner.

However, once they've found love, they will be lovers of home and also of the pretense of building a family. Thus, they'll be faithful, romantic and possessive company that likes to take care of others to transmit warmth and security.

Cancer: Money

As we've explained, Cancer's a sign full of emotions, feelings and therefore, they're usually individuals whose expressions can drain artistically. This is because they're people who show their energies and thoughts in creative, imaginative, and symbolic ways. This is their capacity and virtue.

They're usually good at analytical work, as they have great intelligence that allows them to offer new solutions and ideas, which are generally well received at work.

Cancer's weaknesses

The intensity of their thoughts makes them idealistic, romantic, and fantastical.  This causes disagreements and disappointments at the moment of colliding with reality. Also, they're very reflective, so other people see them as indecisive beings with little determination.