All about Capricorn and its Main Traits

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Capricorn: 22 December – 19 January

It’s never superfluous to have some guidance about our way of being, our moods and chances to enjoy new or unexpected opportunities that life has in store for us. That’s what horoscopes are about, based as they are on astrology. That’s why we invite you to read this article where we go to some lengths to describe Capricorn’s main traits.

This will thus turn out to be very useful information for you if what you wish is to properly approach those under this sign, get to know them better and anticipate their reactions and ways of being.  If on the other hand you are born under the influence of Capricorn, enjoy and make the most of these great data to find out about yourself and come to terms with your downsides.

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What’s Capricorn like?

According to astrological knowledge, Capricorn occupies the tenth position in the zodiac.

As to the imagery and symbolism built around this sign, we must highlight the fact that Capricorn is associated with wisdom, knowledge as well as sacred and raised places like natural spots including mountains and oceans.  This sign is also related to political wisdom, the retrieval of civic values and plenty of ambition at work.

Capricorn: Earth sign

Among the signs ruled by the Earth element we find Capricorn together with Taurus and Virgo. These three signs all share common upsides like being always ready to make great efforts to achieve concrete goals and a conspicuous aim to attain material gains. However, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and this makes the one under the influence of this sign much of a loner who likes to run away from the crowds and the unsteadiness that these often lead them to.

Capricorn's main traits

Steadiness is most likely one of Capricorn’s main assets. They like to play it safe, are quiet and enjoy those situations, spaces, and moments where they can have the situation fully under control. They are true hard workers given their love for material things.

Capricorns are emotionally highly fragile. They’re very melancholic and prone to look at the dark side of life. This conspicuous inclination of theirs leads them to sink into profound depressions, which puts their emotional life center stage.

The image that represents Capricorn is a hybrid animal, made up of a goat, but with the tail of a fish. This is the way their spiritual abilities manifest and also speaks of their inclination to lift their spirit above the mundane.  

Capricorn: Love

Capricorn’s love life must go a step at a time without rushing things. This follows from their need to be authoritative, steady and stick to orderliness. They know they need emotional control and they don’t like to go with the flow. They’re generous people, which inclines them to easily show their love in deed.  

Capricorn: Work

Making material progress in a Capricorn’s life seems to be a key motivation in their work life, so the need to generate wealth makes them untiring workers. They easily spot in others their talents, which makes them excellent managers, also because they are good communicators and can proportionally delegate tasks.

Capricorn’s weaknesses

Although they often play helping and bonding roles within groups, Capricorns usually either feel like the odd one out or experience difficulty in adjusting to a collective. Their innate pessimism can cloud their vision precisely on those occasions when they shouldn’t. Their proneness to suffer from depression is common and truly worrying.