Gemini symbol surrounded by planets

All about Gemini and its Main Traits

Read on if you'd like to learn more about Gemini

GEMINI: 21 May - 20 June

Gemini's a very interesting sign worth knowing about. There's a common part in the traits and personality established by the stars that allows us to get to know this sign better. 

That's why our intention in the next few lines will be to establish a profile with the most representative qualities of the sign of Gemini, which includes knowing its capacities in the world of love, money and why not, its flaws.

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What's Gemini like?

In the repertoire of Western astrological knowledge, this is the third sign of the zodiac. Its symbolic background is complex like no other, as it tells us about duality and the dichotomous poles of consciousness and mind.

This allows them to have the capacity to be the two faces of the same coin, to have two personalities whose condition makes them mysterious or at least intriguing people.

Gemini: Air sign

Gemini's the first sign of the element air, followed by Libra and Aquarius. They are known to be analytical by nature, which makes them famous thinkers and intellectuals. This is complemented by their talent for communication. However, it's hard for them to share their feelings.

Gemini's main traits

Gemini's a sign that is ruled by Mercury. This means that the God of trade and intelligence influences it.

Now, as we know, the image with which this sign is usually identified is with twins, which according to Greek mythology, were two famous heroes, sons of Leda. They represent the idea that they're people with a double personality and their life is the set of contradictions and contrasts between these two drives.

They're therefore struggling between humility and self-centredness, between honesty and lies, so they know temptation and will. Gemini people are known as charismatic, adventurous and fun-loving beings, although they're easily discouraged when things get tough.

Gemini: Love

If you're looking for someone never to be bored with, a Gemini's an excellent choice as they're amusing, passionate and always ready to challenge you  intellectually and lovingly. It's a very flirtatious sign.

Gemini: Money

We've said this before, but this time it's necessary to understand that Gemini's a sign that can easily become boring and, therefore, needs dynamic and exciting work. Their talent and suspicion make them ideal traders. They also value intellectual challenges highly, so being an academic, politician, journalist, or writer can be an excellent career choice.

Gemini's weaknesses

The ability to adapt chameleonically to different situations and contexts also allows them to adapt to what people want to hear for negative purposes. This is why they have a reputation for being charlatans, liars, and controllers to get what they want.

So we must always be careful with their cunning, as their intelligence can sometimes be a great virtue, but at other times, it can be used for not so noble purposes.