Leo surrounded by planets

All about Leo and its Main Traits

Read on if you'd like to learn more about Leo

LEO: 23 July - 22 August

The human being is by nature both a social and reflective being who needs to be in an ongoing search for meaning about their past, their present and their future. That's why horoscopes are increasingly growing in popularity. Horoscopes help us gain some perspective in our lives, just as much as they provide us with the opportunity to better handle our future.  

Likewise, we can somehow have some control over our surroundings, our relationships and ourselves, thereby getting to know one another a little better. To this end, it is not only pertinent but also necessary to discover ourselves by way of our horoscope.  That’s why we’re eager to tell you all about Leo and its main traits.

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What's Leo like?

In the western horoscope, known for the 12 signs of the zodiac, Leo is the fifth one on the list.

This is a sign that stands for great energy and personality. It's made up of pride, vanity and power. In this way, Leos project themselves into the world as a sign full of individuality, domineering and courageous traits and with a clear eagerness to assert themselves amongst their peers.

Leo: Fire sign

Leo belongs to the group ruled by fire, just as Aries and Sagittarius are. Romantic attraction among Leos might be the case given their common traits. They are further united by their urge to stand out from the rest and create relationships where they can exert control or make others depend on them.

Leo's main traits

As we’ve been clarifying all along,  it’s necessary to understand that Leo is most likely the sign with the highest domineering trait in the zodiac. This trait doesn’t always manifest itself in an authoritative way in front of the world. Rather, Leos are born leaders who make others acknowledge themselves as power figures.

This is because Leos are determined people, but above all very able. They neither hesitate about what the best choice is nor do they need those other people to tell them how good they are at their jobs. They are creative, intelligent, idealistic, and go-getters when it comes to achieving their goals.

Leo is a sign ruled by the sun. Ichnographically it is represented by the Nemean Lion whose skin proves impossible of penetration.

Leo: Love 

In this realm.  Leo is a sign that without any doubt needs to be in control, lead and stand out when it comes to authority and decision-making. Similarly, Leos are passionate and romantic. No wonder they can openly express their feelings. They are committed, and generous.

Leo: Work 

A thing that must be singled out in Leo’s work life is that they are hard-working and perfectionist.  They enjoy being generous, which means that money-making isn’t so much their concern, either because they know they are perfectly capable of getting it, or because they consider it to be a superfluous thing vis-à-vis the need to help friends and acquaintances. Given that they are good leaders, Leos are born bosses in the work environment. 

Leo's weaknesses

It should be said that Leo oftentimes is far too vain, selfish, and obsessed about gaining constant attention from others. This urge to be domineering means that they don’t consider other people as their equals. Far from it, they want to control them, prove to be constantly jealous, and love to be praised by third parties.