All about Libra and its Main Traits

Yoy may wish to know all about Libra

Have you ever dreamt about the possibility of gaining more control over the events that take place in your life?

Would you like to have the chance to improve the relationship with your surroundings?

You should know that in this article, where we provide you with full details of Libra’s star sign, you’ll be able to find the in-depth details and traits of those who are under the influence of the planets that define the Libran personality.  

With this information, you’ll be able to know yourself better. We’re also providing you with the opportunity to know who you may get along with best, what to expect from others, and accept what you acknowledge as good in your life, as well as what you know you can change for the better.

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What's Libra like? 

In the western horoscope, known for the 12 signs of the zodiac, Libra is the seventh one on the list. Its symbolism entails a wide range of values related to justice, fairness and egalitarianism. That’s why we must emphasize over and over again that Libra is a sign that stands out for its innate gift for finding harmony  and a great capacity for communication always in search of diplomacy, mediation and understanding.   

Libra: Air sign

Within the air star signs, we find Libra along with Gemini and Aquarius. All these signs are acknowledged as, grouped in, and identified for their great intellectual and social capacities as well as for their gift for communication –this being very apparent amongst Librans. Besides, they are ruled by Venus, which renders those under this star sing highly balanced and patient beings.

Libra's main traits

So that we can characterize Librans and their main traits, first and foremost we must stress the fact that the image that represents them is the scale, which comes from the goddess by the name of Astrea, whose meaning attests to divine justice. This representation allows us to immediately recognize her excellent capacity to convey feelings, understand people as well as her impartiality in relation to unfairness and conflicts.   

Despite being good mediators and ever impartial, once their position has been set, Librans seek the support and approval from others as a way to legitimize their achievements, opinions and thoughts. This speaks of their inclination towards teamwork and their preference to live within a collective.

Libra: Love 

Libra is the ideal lover if what you are looking for in your life is a well-balanced person able to find balance in the different realms of life as a whole. Librans will always be interested in satisfying you both sentimentally and sexually. Librans are always ready to speak openly about any topic.

Libra: Work 

In a work environment, Libra is considered to stand out for its inclination to weigh harmoniously all their responsibilities with a view to mainly achieving increasingly better results at work and aiming at acknowledgement and fair play. Librans stand out for their fair and considerate leadership, which makes them very suited for human resources, diplomacy, and law. 

Libra's Weaknesses

Libra’s weaknesses originate in the same source as their talents. Given the fact that they’re reflective and philosophical, Librans may prove to be considerably indecisive people, a trait which may turn out to be a major problem in their lives. This truism leads Librans to look for authoritative figures and also to distrust both their own capabilities and vast intelligence.