All about Pisces and its Main Traits

Read all about the Piscean personality

Pisces: 19 February – 20 March

Astrology with its thousands of years of knowledge and tradition allows us to understand, from the art of interpretation, mathematical sciences, why is it that the stars above and the movements of the planets can have an influence on our future, predict both terrestrial events and part of our personalities according to our star signs.

Against this background, we endeavor to set out all the relevant data about Pisces, so that you can learn a little bit more about some of the qualities that determine the personalities of those under the influence of this sign, always according to astrology, with a view to getting to know ourselves and our friends and acquaintances a little better.

Besides, if this is a topic that really moves you, no way you can miss out on any details about Pisces. Find out about today’s prediction for this sign. You may also check tomorrow’s prediction for Pisces. 

What’s Pisces like?

In western astrology, Pisces occupies the twelfth and last position in the zodiac. Part of its symbology has to do with the depths of the ocean and its depth. Mobility, change and transmutation are all part of their essence. But there’s also a dark side to Pisceans made up of betrayal, suicide, espionage, camouflage, and hypocrisy.

Pisces: Air sign

Like Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces is one of the signs that belong to the liquid element: water. The three signs share a sound intellect and logic as well as strong emotions and instinct. However, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which endows those under this sign with a sound intuition that is much like a sixth sense to them.  Besides, Pisceans easily sympathize with others, which makes them great advisors.

Pisces’ main traits

Kindness, warmth and sensitivity towards others are some of Pisces’ outstanding traits, which follow from their quiet personality always trying to evade their problems. This also makes them little confrontational with those around them.    

Pisceans are people who very easily adjust to their surroundings, instead of asking others to adjust to it, which means that others never take them as a threat and may even underestimate their value. Their tendency to evade conflicts makes them withdrawn people who easily retreat to their own world.

The image with which Pisces is universally known is that of two fish swimming in opposed directions.

Pisces: Love

With profound emotions as the very ocean, romantic as no one else, Pisceans are devoted and faithful to their partners as no other sign in the zodiac. Their romantic relationships are often their priority. To have intimacy with someone they must feel a profound and meaningful connection. This total devotion may make them feel that they are not corresponded or that their partner doesn’t give them enough.  

Pisces: Work

Pisces is a sign that often follows more intuitively their heart and their dreams than logic. Recommended jobs for Pisceans are more creative and artistic than a conventional job. Their search for happiness is their way of living and they prioritize it over money. That’s why Pisceans work just enough to make a living, without ever compromising their dreams.   

Pisces’ Weaknesses

Pisceans too easily let themselves be trampled down given that as they don’t want to hurt others’ susceptibilities, they neither say what they think nor do they stand up for it. This oftentimes leads them to play the victim, which may be burdensome for those around them.

We can also highlight the lack of initiative that, in key moments is so overwhelmingly present in them, not least in situations that need to be swiftly dealt with. Pisceans aren’t particularly proactive, which makes them a little dependent on others.