All about Sagittarius and its Main Traits

Learn about the Sagittarius personality

Sagittarius: 21 November – 21 December

Understanding the essence of someone’s personality is no easy task. It’s a long-standing struggle on the part of astrologers which doesn’t always bear fruits since we don’t quite always manage to work out why people behave the way they do.

However, with the help of astrology we can predict some behaviors, decisions and actions undertaken by the individuals we live with, as well as ourselves, be this thanks to either reading horoscopes or astrological studies. These studies have established common parameters in relation to the 12 star signs following thousands of years of history.

That’s why in this article we wish to tell you all about Sagittarius’s main traits.

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What's Sagittarius like?

In the western horoscope, known for the 12 signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius is the ninth one on the list. The symbolism related to this sign has to do with a wide range of elements including long trips, intercontinental navigation and life in the open air. On the other hand, philosophy, human wisdom, and higher education are also key elements of Sagittarius.    

Sagittarius: Fire sign

The fire element lumps three signs together, which includes Sagittarius along with Aries and Leo. The three signs are well known for having really strong personalities full of temper. However, given that Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter, those born under this sign enjoy optimistic, generous, and kind personalities.   

Sagittarius’s main traits

Deepening a little bit further into this star sign, we should single out in the Sagittarian personality its position as the most positive sign in the zodiac. Those born under this sign exhibit a good attitude and disposition towards the future, which allows Sagittarians to be open-minded, flexible and adventurous.

It’s well known that a Sagittarian has a philanthropic, ethical heart and is also full of energy. They always stand for good causes. No wonder that those born under this sign are oftentimes generous: Sagittarians don’t act out of a need for acknowledegment from others but to enhance their wellbeing.

It must be also highlighted that Sagittarians have a special bond with nature. They further exhibit an uncanny interest in the unknown and the mysterious.

Sagittarius is represented with the mythological image of the centaur,  a figure made up of an upper half of a human body and a lower half of a horse.

Sagittarius: Love

What must be highlighted about a Sagittarian’s love life is that those under this sing are adventurous and get easily bored.  They like constant change, experimenting, and trying as much as possible in life. On the other hand, once they’ve met the right person, their faithfulness and commitment are abiding, which entails that their lover must be an intellectually challenging person living up to their intensive mental life.

Sagittarius: Work

Sagittarians don’t speak much and are very hard-working. Their will to attain success and gain economic status is prominent. Given that they are adventurous and freedom lovers, it’s ideal if they engage in dynamic jobs like sales reps, photographs, explorers, and ambassadors.

Sagittarius’s Weaknesses

One trait that stands out in a Sagittarian, which is a remarkable virtue, is their enthusiasm. However, for some, all this energy might be a little irritating and may lead them to distance themselves from those under this sign. Sagittarians can easily go on shopping sprees that add nothing to their lives. On the contrary, they ruin all their fortes.