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Scorpio: 21 October - 20 November

It’s never superfluous to know a little more about either those we deal with on a regular basis or our beloved ones, so that we may find out about their core values, their heart and their way of being. This is especially relevant in the case of star signs such as Scorpio, because in this way you’ll get to understand many things about them like their intensity, intelligence, and sensitivity.  

In the following, we wish to provide you with some useful information if you want to know a bit more about the main features of this marvelous sign, either to better understand a friend or yourself. Don’t miss out on all curious data about Scorpios.

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What's Scorpio like?  

According to the astrological world, Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. This sign tends to symbolize the transformative process, where destruction and resurgence are singled out. Along with these two traits, in this sign, it’s very apparent all that implies change including setbacks and the struggle to achieve difference, internalization and the learning of that which keeps transforming.

Scorpio: Water Sign

Again we are faced with a star sign of the liquid element along with Pisces and Cancer. Though it’s an element associated with emotions and intensity, Scorpios are remarkably reserved and always struggling to gain enough trust with other human beings.

Scorpio’s main traits

It must be however stressed that this is a sign that’s ruled by Mars and Pluto.

The emotional energy that characterizes Scorpios is not comparable with that of any other sign, given their great intensity. This energy may entail major -positive or negative- consequences among those who surround them.  

Scorpios are beings who, thanks to their great sensitivity, it’s second nature to them to be able to reflect and be critical of the surrounding world, which makes them affable, good to talk with and keen observers. Scorpios love deep conversations and eschew shallow ones.  

As the name of this sign attests to, their image is that of the arachnid: a scorpion. Its origin is to be found in the legend of Orion in Greek mythology.

Scorpio: Love

Given that they are reserved people, it’s hard for Scorpios to gain the trust and dedication from others. However, once the connection is established, their loyalty is everlasting. A romantic relationship with a Scorpio involves great passion, sensuality and meticulous attention to detail

Scorpio: Work

In the work environment, Scorpios turn out to be highly determined towards their goals and they never dare to give in. In particular, as they pay such close attention to detail and are so focused, they make the ideal employee for a job that needs going deep. They are suited for the following jobs: researchers, journalists, scientists or psychologists.   

Scorpio’s Weaknesses

Although outwardly are quiet people, the truth is that Scorpio’s emotional intensity can make them aggressive, above all when they don’t know how to channel their energies. Since they are so sensitive, they may become negatively affected but they may also negatively affect those who surround them -they may indeed be easily hurt and take easy offence.  

Finally, although Scorpios are beings with an iron will, they are very thoughtful and indecisive, traits which may turn out to be emotionally exhausting for them. Also, as they are critical and reflective, they may become resentful at times.


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