Taurus symbol surrounded by planets

All about Taurus and its Main Traits

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TAURUS: 20 April - 20 May

Are you wondering about your future and how things will turn out for you?

Well, it's something we all think about at some point; we'd love to be able to foresee the joys and sorrows so that we can be prepared for any unforeseen event. But that's precisely what astrology and the predictions we read in horoscopes are all about.

For this reason,  we'd love to talk more about Taurus so that you can understand how the planets and the universe affect the behavior and personality of individuals, while at the same time, exploring their qualities and main traits. 

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What's Taurus like?

In the western horoscope, known for the 12 signs of the zodiac, Taurus is the second one on the list. As for the outstanding qualities of their personality, we find stability, patience, permanence, willingness, and persistence. This strength is often compared to the power and temperament of nature.

Taurus: Earth sign

Along with Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus is one of the earth signs. A common trait of Taurus people is their vision and determination for work. Thus, Taurus stands out in the group for being patient and with a sufficiently stable personality to observe and reflect, before judging and acting.

Taurus' main traits

Venus rules Taurus, and this allows them to enjoy an affective quality, which also makes them calm, patient, and respectful people.

Their willpower inevitably makes them hardworking people who enjoy material objects significantly and can achieve them as part of the reward of their work. This quality sometimes leads them to be greedy and selfish.

The symbol by which Taurus is popularly known, and as its name suggests, is a Bull of Crete, linked to Greek mythology, thus illustrating the form taken by Zeus when he abducted Europe.

Taurus: Love

Unlike other signs, Taurus has a determining personality: they know what they want, when and how. As they're so analytical, they really value the inside of human beings and don't fall into the superficiality of forms, appreciating, above all things, intelligence.

Taurus: Money

We've repeated on several occasions Taurus' hedonistic impulse. This, at the same time, becomes a potential motivation for hard work as a way of achieving their material pleasures. They're the dream employee for any boss since their will is decisive and hard-work is their quality.

Taurus' weaknesses

They can often be conservative people and can, therefore, fall into the mistake of having a closed mind that prevents them from adapting to change. This rigidity makes them proud, unhumble, self-centered, and stubborn.

On the other hand, the enjoyment of the luxury and pleasures of life can also be a reason for some to be too stubborn, greedy and spiteful. Likewise, the hedonism of which they're prisoners can lead them to test their limits, so many of them must make great efforts not to fall back into continuous temptation.