All about Virgo and its Main Traits

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Virgo: 23 August – 22 September

Would you like to have some grip on your life and destiny?

To this end you need to know yourself and others more in depth. Only in this way will you be able to know a lot about the personalities of the individuals who surround you. So read this article that tells you all about Virgo and the main traits that make up their personality.

Thanks to this information you’ll be able to understand many more details about some of the people you love, and about new friends, or about yourself. In this way you’ll find out details about our being and our being in the world, ruled by the movement of the planets, as set out on

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What’s Virgo like?

Virgo is the sixth sign in the Zodiac according to astrological knowledge and trade.

In the Western astrological cosmovision, Virgo is the sign that represents and symbolizes a number of things related to the feminine figure, which archetypically has the qualities of looking for perfection and detail. Moreover, they represent laborious work, housework, finesse, and service for others.

Virgo: Earth sign

Again, we mention the Earth element as a starting point for those under the influence of Virgo but also Taurus and Capricorn that are united  to represent the feminine, the introvert and the household.

Virgo’s main traits

Virgos are modest, reserved and serious. They are usually hard-working with the capacity to undertake chores and fulfil duties out of vocation, with no interest in taking credit or obtaining acknowledgement for them. The same goes when they do someone a favor: they do it regardless of who the beneficiary might be.   

It’s a charming and humble sign, traits most apparent in their kind and genuine manners towards others. That’s why people feel at ease when surrounded by a Virgo.

The image with which a Virgo is represented is the feminine figure, whose silhouette seeks to illustrate Zeus and Themis’s daughter: Astrea, the only virgin among the Titanides.

Virgo: Love

In having a devoted spirit of service, a Virgo needs to feel needed by their partner. And despite the fact that the communication of their feelings is second nature to them, they'll always show their affection in concrete deeds, leaving no room for either lies or dishonesty.  

Virgo: Work

In being methodical, thoughtful and having great clarity about things, Virgos are associated with a capacity to be great scientists and researchers. In being perfectionist and having an eye for detail, Virgos show their talent and their capacities to deepen in their commitments. If you need sensitive, organized and thrifty people, don’t hesitate to look for a Virgo.

Virgo’s weaknesses

Virgos are so focused on detail and so perfectionist that this can have a considerable toll on their everyday life.  They can appear as pedantic to others for this very same reason. As to their capacity to be thrifty, this can turn into a problem as they can go to extremes lacking a balance between enjoyment and the ongoing obligation to cut down on resources.